Words of an Ordinary Man: Volume I

D.J. Cameron fell in love with poetry at a young age and spent his years writing about the things he witnessed and cared about in a manner that all walks of life and cultures could understand and relate to in one way or another.

In this collection, Cameron you into his thoughts and see life in an imaginary world filled with laughter, tears, courage and love. He invites you to listen for the humor, thought and mind-set that he reveals as you wander through the pages of Words of an Ordinary Man: Volume I.

Words of an Ordinary Man: Volume II

Let your imagination ride alongside as you find yourself immersed in the beauty and heartfelt poetry that bring to life the author’s everyday visions, passions, and wonders —accepting the courage to transform life’s journey into a language that will uplift, encourage, and settle one’s thirst to creating a gateway to live life to the fullest and always remembering that “living life to the fullest is but a poem waiting to be written.”